Advantech AIW-343

Advantech AIW-343 Empowers Ubiquitous Wireless LTE Networking Connectivity

June 2022, Taipei, Taiwan – Advantech, a leading global provider of industrial wireless solutions, is proud to release the newest member of the AIW-300 series — the AIW-343. This 4G LTE Cat 4 wireless module from Advantech Industrial Wireless (AIW) is designed for AIoT applications requiring ubiquitous connectivity, dynamic mobility, and extreme security. AIW-343 is an excellent solution for industrial computing and mobile devices; as well as smart factory and public transportation applications.

Advantech AIW-343

Powerful and Stable Wireless LTE Networking Connectivity

An increasing number of IoT companies are seeking new network connectivity solutions following the obsolescence of 3G. They require cost-efficient solutions that provide excellent network performance, great reliability, and secure coverage. LTE technology solutions deliver excellent application coverage with low-power consumption, stable network connectivity, flexible longevity, and enhanced reliability.

Mini-PCIe Form Factor Design with SIM Slot

The Advantech AIW-343 supports a Qualcomm MDM9X07 chipset and 4G LTE Cat 4 frequency. With maximum downlink and uplink rates of 150Mbps and 50Mbps respectively, AIW-343 provides better transmit speeds by communicating a greater volume of data. In addition, it features a mini-PCIe form factor that provides both the standard PCI Express and USB 2.0 signals. These features are suitable for shock-/vibration-intensive scenarios found in industrial automation, vehicular, and mobile, applications. Vitally, AIW-343 is designed for mainboards with limited space and features a SIM slot on its side, engendering greater integration flexibility.

Designed for Smart City and Public Transportation Systems Applications

The Advantech AIW-343 LTE module delivers high-speed capabilities to industrial monitoring, mobile devices, and public transportation applications. Indeed, AIW-343 is capable of delivering stable, high-speed, and low latency LTE capabilities to public transportation systems — including bus, metro, and bike rental systems. This solution also supports wide temperature ranges and multiple OS for similar functionality. In sum, AIW-343 is capable of optimizing public infrastructure efficiency while reducing costs.

Three versions of AIW-343 are available for applications in North America, Europe, and Japan. Every version supports LTE and GNSS wireless solutions via a SIM slot, delivering faster transmission speeds and lower network latency. The combination of features provided by AIW-343 — including its temperature ranges and compatibility with OS like Windows, Linux and Android — make it a uniquely adaptable solution.


Qualcomm MDM9X07 4G LTE Cat 4 chipset

Wide operating temperature – Normal: -20 ~ 55 °C/-4 ~ 131 °F; Extended: -40 ~ 85 °C / -40 ~ 185 °F

Provides mini-PCIe form factor and USB communication interfaces with SIM slot on module

Diverse O/S compatibility: Windows, Linux (Ubuntu 20.04), and Android

Supports GNSS positioning capabilities



Toward the Next Wireless Technology Transformation

Advantech’s Industrial Wireless (AIW) solutions provide market leading Wi-Fi 5/6/6E/7, 4G LTE, 5G NR, GPS/GNSS, and Bluetooth 5.2 technology. AIW solutions are reliable and robust with platform interoperability aimed at industrial customers. Combining worldwide wireless certifications — such as FCC & CE-RED — with wireless design-in services, AIW delivers a one-stop shopping experience that helps embedded customers accelerate their AIoT product development.

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